Exhibition Manual

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Manuel de l’exposant

1. Introduction

The COSECSA 2018 AGM & SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE Exhibition, will be held at the Kigali Convention Center on the Conference. It will attract over 700 participants, including distinguished personalities, captains of the African insurance Companies, researchers and the general Global business community.

The event promises to be a great opportunity for business people to showcase their products, network and make deals

2. Purpose of this document

This exhibitors’ Manual will provide broad guidelines to all exhibitors to ensure that we have a seamless exhibition. You are invited to read through carefully and adhere to the different provisions herein. In event that you need more clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us for further support.

The highly interactive exhibition will showcase cutting-edge technologies, real-world solutions and proven strategies government leaders need to enhance industrial growth in our region.

3. Exhibition dates and times:

Exhibition Dates: 5th – 7th December 2018
Exhibition times: 8.00 am – 5.30 pm

4 . Standard provisions

Each shell scheme booth will have the following standard items:

• Counter (100 cm Length, 80 cm Height, 50 cm Depth)

• Round Table (80 cm Diameter 100 in height)

• 2 foldable chairs,

• 1 brochure stand,

• 1 socket, 2 lights and

• 1 waste paper basket.

Exhibitors, who wish to have extra items, are welcome to make orders as per the attached rentals catalogue indicating available items.

5. Safety regulations

• Safety at the exhibition site is a shared responsibility between the exhibitors and the organizers. All exhibitors are required to ensure that their conduct does not harm in any way the other exhibitors or visitors.

• The organizers will not be held liable for breakages or damages as a result of negligence on the part of the exhibitors. You are also encouraged to take an insurance cover that covers any such damage for both your goods and those of a third party that may occur because of your actions or omissions.

6. Security of items in the venue

Kigali is one of the safest Cities in Africa and exhibitors are assured of their safety and that of their property. We however encourage you to be vigilant especially for items (Money, jewelry, electronic gadgets) of high value at all times.

Exhibitors should arrange for a representative to be on their stand during the build-up period to receive goods and deliveries.

7. Branding

All exhibitors will be expected to manage their branding in such a way that they fit into only their booth space, without spilling out into other exhibitor’s spaces or the aisle.

All branding that might damage the booths (Adhesive, Pins, Nails,…) are prohibited.

If you wish us to do your branding, you may contact us at exhibition@theeventsfcatory.biz / +250784273311 / 250788358188

8. Booth Clearing

Waste bins will be available at each stand. Exhibitors are responsible to remove any build-up and tear down waste materials and out them in their bins.

Cleaning will be done daily after closing time. However, for the security of your property, no cleaning will be done by the organizers inside stands. Exhibitors are to ensure that they keep the inside of their stands clean.

To eliminate any confusion and for security purposes, only rubbish left in the aisle after closing times, will be removed.

9. Freight advisory

Exhibitors intending to import goods (Samples, Equipment, etc) need to know the following:

All goods/exhibits should arrive in Rwanda not later than the 3rd December 2018 to allow time for customs clearance

All good must be accompanied by a packing list and a commercial invoice

Goods that intend to be re-exported shall attract no import duty.

There is a service fee paid to clearing agencies to do all the paperwork related to importation clearance

For exhibitors who are able to send us the document in time, we shall be able to give you the fee structure applicable to your imports.

The following Courier companies are operational in Rwanda and are able to give a turnkey solution for your imports and re-exports; DHL, FedEx, Sky net TNT &UPS

Kindly give us a heads up on the choice of transporter/courier you chose and the expected time of arrival so that we ensure follow-up is made from our end.

10. Load in

Booth construction will commence on the 3rd Feb but exhibitors will load in stating on the 4th at 04.00 pm. Exhibitors are requested to abide by the time slot allocated to them to avoid any inconveniences.

As soon as loading or unloading has taken place during the allocated time period, vehicles are to be removed from this area to allow other exhibitors access. The organizers cannot accept delivery of any goods on behalf of an exhibitor, nor will the organizers accept any responsibility whatsoever for the safety or condition of any items unloaded and/or left on site, in the absence of exhibitors. The organizers cannot accept any responsibility for goods damaged on the exhibition premises.

Deliveries cannot take place during the open hours of the Exhibition. Access will be allowed by way of an exhibitor’s pass. Please ensure that you have your passes in order to eliminate unnecessary disturbance and frustration at the point of entry.

11. Dismantling and move-out

Dismantling of exhibits may begin at the end of the last day of the exhibition. All Stands should be cleared and all exhibitor materials removed by 6.00 pm on the 7th December 2018(unless extra move-out arrangements have been agreed with the Organizer)

De-rig can only occur once the public have vacated the site and the de-rig announcement has been made. This is due to venue and supplier demands. The organizing committee reserves the right to amend the times should need arise. No dismantling or packing will be permitted prior to the close of the show.

12. Tableau de temps pour l’installation de cabine et panne
Le calendrier suivant a été convenu pour l’installation du stand et la panne:

# Activity Deadline
1. Registration of Participants & Exhibitors 1st December 2018
2. Build up start date 3rd December 2018
5. Deadline to complete stand & move in materials 4th December 2018